ATTN: Kirik

Kirik: Please reinstate the 'Legal action against' thread. I see no reason for it to be removed. Another one of the threads I was on is again deleted. What is going on?

Looks like I may have to fire up some dedicated servers and throw 10 grand the direction of a really good programmer :-)

Ohh, so if you got ripped off here, you wouldn't post it here?


I'm afraid Masonjar has hit the nail on the head. that's some bullshit - I hadn't checked it in a few hours, but nothing on there violated the rules....someone might sight the posting of Matt's address and home number, but those are publicly available from several online phonebooks

Bad deletion.

We have heard from KIRK and that has little bearing on the thread being deleted.

This place is starting to smell funny.


There was a problem for both the great people buying the product and the great people trying to bring it to market. I think it is solved.

In case anyone thinks otherwise, I get one entire donut hole from this whole thing. I am trying to look out for all, without a single cent  of recompense, in any way.

I am just trying to solve a problem.

If I failed, in 8 days, let me know. I am not thin skinned.


Thanks for answering. I have to do some Christmas shopping and if you hadn't answered I would have been wondering what had been posted on this thread the whole time I was at Wal-Mart. LOL