Attn KittyKat!

Call me please!! We need to talk.

Well, I would call.....if I had your number... dork ;p

email me....prrkitty@hotmail

Dork?? Who are you calling a dork? I'm not the one who has tickets the the LOTR marathon!!

k, e-mail sent.

Going to the marathon does not make me a
dork....if, however, I dressed up as a wizard, or an
elf...well, then I would be a dork!


but if you could go dressed up??? Who would you be??? lol ;)

ugh..maybe I'm just as much of a I am planning on seeing LOTR..just not the marathon.

Gawd, my wife and I watched part 1 and 2 last weekend. 6 hours of LOTR. We're both up to speed again on the movies but it was a looong watch.

I am NOT dressing up!

Dougie...I know it will be long...but cool :)

lol..I was just joking Kitty. I know youre not going to dress up..but I do know you could make a kick ass costume if you were! I'm actually excited about going to see it.

I'll have to watch 1 and 2 aswell. Kitty..its too bad we can't meet up for it.. :('s class been?

As always class has been fun. We miss you though. You coming to the next UFC party Jan 31st?

Do you have an extra ticket? I will buy one

lol @ Tim! Get of the Canada forum!! ;)

Dougie - If I'm off and can make it.. I'll be there for sure. :)

HTM.....sorry, I don't have an extra ticket

little...we can meet up in the new year.... perhaps
the next grappling event?

oooo that sounds cool! :)

No pics for you! mwhahahahaha

What the heck are you talking about? I fear everyone on the mats. Hell, that's why they lock the door when class starts, so I can't get out.


all that want to see a kitty cat dressed up as an elf say I.


I want to see little one dressed up like Fonzie. know youre going to pay for that right? *one eyebrow raised*

Who me?

I'm innocent!

I swear!

I was drunk! It was the booze talkin'! is gonna hurt isn't it?

Just remember...not the face ok?