Attn KittyKat!

oh yes..yes it is..

consider yourself warned!

Youre lucky I'm taking the next month off... but I'll be back..and stronger then remember that..mwhahahahahahahaha

*dances around in elf costume*

oh, and LOL @ Fonzie!! ehhhhhhh!

I don't care. I have a brand new industrial jock. So nyah nyah!

is it big Andy proof? cause its going to need to be

So far it is. It has taken several indirect shots and my wee wee is still intact. I splurged and got the bonus model with padding and shorts attached and everything.

My wife says she is glad that you are taking such an interest in making sure my nutz are protected and thanks you.

Of course, I told her you were Henry Winkler.

I'll be back soon dougie..remember that....

You were back sooner than I expected.

I was beat dead on Sunday. You should have jumped me then.

For all those who want to know little one is looking more and more buff every time I see her.

Soon she will replace Xena on tv except that she will yell, "ehhhh!" instead of yodelling.

LOL!!!! Bastid! ;)

It was good to see everyone. I really wanted to participate in class.. 4 more weeks..just 4 more weeks.

- little "buff chick" one

Don't make me flex. You wouldn't like it when I flex.

**bursting out of my shirt and turning green**

oh YEAH!?!?! well... *flexes*...Take that!

ugh...that was kinda pathetic of

I was kinda scared. See, when you flex like I do you have to grunt a little bit. That's a tip Big Andy gave me.