Is it wrong to pray that Willingham becomes unemployed at the end of this season?

yours in Christ



If it's wrong, THEN I DON'T WANNA BE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how about you pray they Join the BIG EAST something they should have done years ago!!!

That would be even worse...and it aint gunna happen. I'll never send that school another penny if they do something stupid like that.

Big EAST??!! LOL Big 10 maybe...seeing they play mostly Big 10 teams

ND is already part of the Big East. just not their football team!

it's time ND realizes they aren't ever going to be the "powerhouse" they were until the footbal team joins confrence play.

20 years ago being on everyweek against top teams meant something because those other teams weren't on nationally but once ro twice. and ND got recruits because of it. now with the top 10 -15 schools being on 6 or 7 tmies a year ND can't continue to go 6-5 (or worse) and expect to get recruits!

they have to join a confrence and get those 3 or 4 automatic wins and insure an 8-3(or better) record every year to get some recruits.