attn:Kris Rotharmel

the ms state championships will be held on june 26th in tupelo ms i was look for two guys to do super fight grappling matches. would you and marco be interested? you can contact me at

Christopher Gates

You oughta see if Clementi will do one, he has been wanting to do a sub tourney this summer anyway.

plus he always tries flying armbars and flying toe holds in every grappling match he does. Makes it exciting.

He actually landed a flying toe hold in the finals of the absolute division of the FFCs grappling tourney last year on Rotharmael. Kris fought it for literally about 3 minutes before finally getting free.

I can't speak for Kris, but I would be interested. When I see Kris I'll ask him. I think he has a couple fights coming up though. Got any Ideas on opponents?


Chris, if you get a chance, post some info about the tournament on

We'll bring our guys out to support the tournament.

wassup MArco? How are things going?

Kris has some fights coming up? where and when? He dominated in his last fight at the Beau.

marco, can you email me at


Kyle, long time no see! I know I say it all the time, but I am actually going to make it out to Rich's one of these days. I need all the workouts I can get to slim down to a decent comp weight. I am like 204 right now.

Kris mentioned something about a fight but I don't know the specifics.

Chris - I'll email you as soon as I can, the UNO email server is down - crappy state schools ;)

Damn Marco, 204?! That's hard to invision. Maybe it's time for that rematch as I'm sitting at 190,lol. I just started to train again (although it was only one day last week) after about a year off. It would be cool to mix it up again.

shannon, i'll be getting back into as well in a few weeks. it'll be nice to have someone else who isn't in tip top shape to roll with. those guys train hard so it shouldn't take too long to get back into half decent shape.

Good to hear you're getting back in to it Shannon. Believe it or not, I actually carry that much weight pretty well(at least that's what I keep telling myself). I'm back in the gym now, so I'll probably drop the weight pretty easily, especially if I start training for this superfight.

Of course as I'm typing this I'm eating 2 tacos and french fries.

204?! dizamn! have you been lifting or what? Youll slim down quick once you get back into the Gi, especially with the summer here.

I hope you do come on down and train man. If not, I hope to see you at Reality Combat next weekend.