Attn landscapers/land clearing folk

I like to get high and operate machinery, but sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I went down the rabbit hole today digging up a huge section of my yard to get to the exposed bedrock (gorgeous Canadian Shield).

My problem is, that while I moved a few shit tonnes of dirt, I couldn’t get the last inch or two with the excavator, but I want to clear off that final layer of dirt.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Take/sweep it out by hand, then wash it away with a hose/pressure washer?

Some sort of leaf blower on steroids that will blow dirt and rocky chunks ?

Thanks for the advice!!

Gonna need pictures

I wouldn’t scrape the bedrock up too bad if you want it to look amaze

Too dark for pics now, but it’s relatively gently sloping bedrock, with a few nooks and crannies where there is more dirt piled up.

I definitely scratched up the rock a fair amount with the bucket, but I’m hopeful it will clean up nicely after some time.

Worst case, I’ll need a day on a skid steer to cover it all back up lol

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I would do the last few inches by hand

If the bedrock is sloped maybe use some water depending upon where the runoff would go

Even if you chipped it up a bit it will be fine and weather to blend in.

I will look for pictures tomorrow, it sounds cool

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Yeah- will rake and spray tomorrow hopefully. Gotta spend a few hours moving my mountain of dirt from today. Excavators are fun, but as a novice, I feel like a skid steer is a necessary accompaniment in order to actually move stuff.

Drainage will be ok. The whole reason I had the excavator was to cut a swale and redirect some runoff, so that part is done.

Blow and then pressure wash the last bit if drainage isn’t an issue.

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