Does anyone know who Rich Borja is?

me neither

nope cant say that I can... why?


I know a Rich Borba. Could that be who your looking for?

yeah i think that's his name. well my co-worker had one of his cards and teaches some kind of martial arts. guess he wants to know if he is good in what he does. thanks

what's up useless and mandingo,
is sonny and glenn still training? tell sonny still have his vids. forgot to give it back before i left. damn i had it for a year. infact could you guys shoot me and email at


Im out the door roght now. I gotta go teach in a few, but i'll email you when I get home.

Rich Borba teaches a Japenese styly of ju jitsu, he is very good at what he does. Rich is very much traditional, and admits to limited knowledge on the ground. He has a law enforcement background and he currently teaches officers in his classes.

mongo has the low down on everyone...

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It's ok, your a good kid when your not egging north town cops.

It's ok, your a good kid when your not egging north town cops.

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