Just wanted to say awesome card for next week friday. question though, is david still fighting?







alex... wassssss up!!!!

I heard Kawika is not fighting, could be just a rumour

sup? Medallions?


ain't that the guy that never trains with a gi and actually ended up doing better in the gi division than in the no-gi division at romolo's tourney last weekend???

inquiring minds wanna' know...

David is no longer fighting. He hurt his knee. I wish he could have fought. It has been a long time.

Da Boss is in the house!!!

Rudeboy (Official ROTR Ref!) medallions of pure gold!


thanks legends!!! it does sucks that david isn't fighting.

Didn't they just say Kawika is NOT fighting?

whats up rudeboy Troy!!!!

David who?

hey legends? So what is the official fight card for next week? I'm flying down from cali. on sunday and I'll be in waikiki waiting with some hot local waiheene and getting my groove on baby...

ttt for legends and the rotr crew..

lol@groove on....

hey sexz you like that huh! lol hope to meet up with some local girl to show me the night out in waikiki..

David "Kawika" Pa'aluhi is from Waianae, Hawaii were he wrestled and played football. Growing uo his was always a TOUGH ASS HAWAIIAN with HEAVY Hands!! He just has unreal strength