attn: Leslie, Jason, Showdown etc.

Guys have you thought about contacting Mike Miles and Keith Crawford in Calgary in hopes of using their facility on the base. Now I know that some of you guys don't like Mike and Keith but believe me they are truely great guys who might be able to help


bobsappfan, I am not saying to make along lasting relationship with anyone, simply that possibly instead of completely losing the show maybe it could be delayed a week or two in order to reschedual. I know Mike and Keith very well and can tell you that not everything you have read about them is completely true, they are good men and maybe able to provide a venue. What is the point of having a venue soley for fighting and not using it. Pick up the phone and give them a call or if you want I would be happy to contact them.

David Nicholls

by the way bobsappfan I also know Jason and he is also a wonder person as well as a tremendous fight and businessman if he could help I know would definitely do so.

Hey Norris,

Not for me to decide my friend. Wish I could do more.

That's ok Joe, I am just trying to think of ways for this show to go in the near future.

Miles, from what I have seen, wants to be 'the only game in town' here in Calgary, and seems to work hard to keep other promotions out of here. Just my observations though..