I published a cyberpunk novel whose hero is an MMA fighter. I’m offering it to OG’ers for free, but only for this weekend.

Five years ago I gave away hundreds of free copies of my first book, BURN MY SHADOW to the OG. That book was based on my AMA thread right here on the OG about my life as a porn star, and it became a bestseller on Amazon. Thank you.

I’m doing it differently this time: Instead of having my publisher mail out physical copies of free books all over the world with the logistics and costs involved, we’re offering a free download on Amazon/Kindle. here:

My only ask:

  1. take a second to review it on Amazon after you read it… And, be honest with your review. If you hated it, say why you didn’t like it so your review is useful to other people who will have to pay to read the novel in the future.

That’s it.

Love you, perverts!

"It’s a much over-used phrase, but this book by Tyler Knight really is one of the most extraordinary debuts we’ve ever published.

Set in a near-future Los Angeles, jobbing cage fighter and man about town, DeShawn Trustfall finds himself in a high-octane chase to track down the genetic code that could cure a disease that threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, including himself and his son.

Set against a background of a global pandemic, a corrupt government pushing a cure for its own self-interest, genetically altered CRISPR babies, and civil unrest in the streets you could be forgiven for thinking the author Tyler Knight is part writer, part Nostradamus."



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Won’t let me have it in Canada.

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That’s frikkin’ weird…
There’s a workaround if you have a VPN service, but that would cost more than the book itself.

Good book. I enjoyed the story. I liked the flow of it quite a bit. I’m a pretty big Palahniuk fan and it had that sort of vibe to it.

I liked that it was an easy read but if you weren’t paying attention you’d miss something and have to go back for reference. I remember having to do that once or twice.

It’s right next to my head on my office bookshelf right next to some Palahniuk in fact!

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Thanks for reading Trav! Glad you liked it. I’m curious, do you think I went too hyper-detailed on the fight scenes?

@RhinoHog if you can’t get a copy pm me your address and I’ll send you mine to read. I’d like it back though because I’ll likely read it again

RhinoHOG, drop me a DM, and I’ll hook you up, brother.

I don’t think so, but it was definitely written by a fighter who loves fighting. You can always tell a writer who has experience in what they are writing about and when the love something you can tell.

Hemingway comes to mind as a writer who you can tell loves fighting when you read something like The Battler or The Killers.

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Downloaded- thanks!

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RhinoHOG, drop me a DM, and I’ll hook you up, brother.

Hey OP I need to talk to you about turning the Fart Curtains thread and Passive Jay into a script or play or something.

He does numbers( when not podcasting)

My pleasure.


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Thanks for the feedback. I was afraid that I would loose people in the action sequeces, Ultimately, I decided to lean into to them.

I’m waiting for that RdotC cook book

LOL!, What is the “Fart Curtains” thread?!?!? I’ve been away from the OG for 5 months.