ATTN: Loaf

Justin, I wanted to find out if you are still teaching at Kiichi-Sai in Durham. If so, do you or anyone else have contact information. I have misplaced it and can't find a proper number on the net.
Also, if there is no info on the net anymore, what days are you teaching?

Russ Taylor


Justin is no longer at Kiichi Sai. He has opened his own club in Ajax. Training is Mon, Wed, Fri at 8:00pm and Sunday's at 12:00pm.

I'm sure someone will post Justin's contact info soon.

Bruckmann MA,

91 Station St, Unit 8, Ajax


ttt for loafie's new club!


Hey Russ,
Give me an e-mail at The new club is just minutes from Kiichi sai.

Thanks everyone. E-mail has been sent.