ATTN. loaf

I heard a rumor you might relocate your club to Oshawa. Is there any truth to that?

Loaf, please relocate another 40 minutes down the 401 to Cobourg.

Thank you.


One of Loaf's female students that I attend University with has made it her mission to submit me as much as humanly possible.

I'm not sure if I should thank him or hate him.


Loaf is moving to Oshawa. Wilson and Hwy 2 as of Feb 1.

For more info e-mail Justin at

JHR Loaf is worth the drive to Oshawa!

Carnario-You must be talking about katie :)

Good Call....

TTT for anybody smart enough to train with Bruckman.......

and for the record, I'm converting her to Fateh's Fight

sexalicious you don't need to tell me twice !


Wilson and Hwy. 2. That's good news for me. I could jog there...but I'll still drive.

topski for loaf