Attn Logan Clark...

Hey Logan when you get a chance can u email me...... What color trunks are you wearing so we dont have to bring 2 prs we want to wear light blue and white.

Thanks Thomas

He will going sans trunks...commando style...and if you thought his beard was bushy...WATCH OUT!!!


Either Black or Red/Black, so you should be good to go.

Logan will be wearing skin tone spandex shorts.

Wildman, he should wear some darker colors so the blood splatters not so bad.  Just kidding, looking forward to this fight.

Pink Pounder in not pink shorts seems like a bit of a rip off.

Kool thanks Logan

Logan are you fighting Denny or sombody else I'm confused?

Did you move down in wieght or somfing?

I am fighting one of Denny's guys, Bryan Baker.

I should have just emailed him, but I had forgotten that I had the email address already.

I would like to be in pink as well. Someone should start a write-in campaign to get Warrior Wear to make a Pink Pounder special.