Attn. Luis!

After seeing your newest ISR video clip

...and having watched all your other ones from, f.ex. PAW, So Flo, etc., I just wanted to tell you that I think that you make some of the best damn video clips on the net, if not THE best ones! Keep up the good work.

And there you have it ;)

ttt for Luis.



that IS another great highlight reel!

Nice clip! I saw the Harness being used twice in there! :)

Cool clip! Can civilians do the workshop/buy the videos?


The ISR-LE is for Law Enforcement only but the ISR-PM will be available for everyone else interested in subject control, physical management, and self-defense.


I was wondering if there is a tentative release date for the IRS-PM and "Jits w/ Hits" DVD's?
Looking forward to making a purchase..........

Thanks Luis. I'm looking forward to the ISR-PM release.

Luis will be at Centerline Gym this weekend, really looking forward to it. Anyone in Southern CA that is serious about training should consider attending.