ATTN: Lynn @ Renzo's

If you see this, or if anybody here knows his e-mail, could you please shoot me an e-mail at

I just shot a video segment with Shawn Williams and had a couple of questions for you please. Thanks

ttt for Lynn, the bigtime producer!!!! It's nice to see Lynn branch out into new territory with the production company. Hopefully this goes better than that modern dance troupe you started in college! Tim says this boxing thing is gonna be cool. Look foreward to it.


Kevin...thanks bro! You should see what has been shot so far. This
documentary is going to be quite different. So are you still keeping up
with your dance steps? You had that spin to splits down solid back in
the day.

Thanks Kirik for the forwarding. I'll make sure Shawn sees this as well
as droping the Green Whale an email! ;-)

Hi Lynn, tell Shawn to to drop me an email.  I have some pictures from Ottawa I want to email him.

Oh, and Iam waiting on an email back from Rolles, guy is fast on the mat slow on the email.


hey lynn


I'll do it. Drop me an email and I'll shoot you Rolles new email. He
might be looking at that one now.

Christian are things? Long time no see Savage!