Attn: Lynn@Renzos

Hey Lynn,
Someone else asked about your education on another thread and it saved me from asking. Was wondering what you think of something like this website:

Would you think that that has any legitimacy or just someone looking to make a quick buck?


this one seems more legit then the other and has some comments from some big names like tarantino...


I dont' think that either of these is really worth an investment. What are you looking for in an online school? Maybe we can help you without having that expense with some solid direction and books to read. I have strong opinions about film school etc. I'm sure others do as well on here. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we agree to disagree on the need for academia when it comes to filmmaking.

More or less I'm looking for something inexpensive that'll help out a bit with more stuff relating to the business...I don't really get a lot of how that works. Inexpensive is important because I'm broke lol. I really enjoy film editing and post production in general. I'm thinking about changing my university program to a media theory and production with a focus on multimedia design and production(to go on to video related stuff after that). The site is

If you'd rather contact me on myspace you could do that, whatevers easy or you.

I'll check that out. What's your myspace. Drop me an email on my myspace account.

I sent you a message on myspace. My account is felixsierra...i added you a day or two ago. Thanks a lot for taking the time.


I don't think I got it. I keep having trouble with it saying server busy though. That damn site is worse than this one. it and sent you a response. Email as often as you like.

Read "Rebel Without a Crew" by Robert Rodriguez. Then get your hands
on a camera and make as many shorts as humanly possible. Keep 'em
short and inexpensive until you start to learn the trade. Then, read
everything there is to read on filmmaking. And watch as many films as
possible, then watch them again with Director's commentary. Even the
bad ones offer you a learning experience. IMO, do not waste your time on
any of these quick film schools. If you are passionate enough, you can
learn everything that they can teach you on your own. If you're not
passionate enough to live and breathe this stuff, then save yourself time &
money by walking away now.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for the input...did you hack my myspace page and read Lynn's messages to me? You gave me pretty much the same advice he did lol. I appreciate it and I have read Rebel without a crew...loved it. I've been doing just what you both suggested(especially watching tons of's driving my fiancee nuts lol). I'm working on a script right now that i hope to shoot this summer and tryin to keep other ideas organized so i can come back to them later...i don't want to bite off more then I can chew. I've also been kicking around the idea of making a short this summer just for fun. If you have myspace you can find me and add me.