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Quick question i was sure you could cover, where can i get the most basic info about going into the army sf program. I am a usmc sniper deployed right now and i do have some people i could talk to when i get back but i hate bombarding simple questions to these type of people. I'd rather know the basics first. I'd appreciate any info, thank you in advance.

Hey Woodlands,

I don't have any info on what you're looking for since I'm not military but I was curious if snipers must have 20/20 vision or if they are allowed to wear contact lenses or glasses. Thanks.


I have a PowerPoint presentation that's huge, I can either cut out some slides and email it to you or I can burn it to disk and mail it to you. Email me if you want more than what I'll cut/paste below:

22-24 months from enlistment to getting the green beret; training includes (basic, infantry school, airborne, pre-selection, selections, Q course, SERE, and other training based on being slated weapons, commo, or medical)

• 60 month minimum enlistment
• Enlist under SRC of 18X & attend infantry OSUT ; you may get OSUT (basic and infantry training waived)
• Male & not have reached his 30th birthday by date of enlistment
• Test score category I-IIIa (50-99 on the ASVAB)
• High School diploma graduate
• GT score of 110, Combat Operations (CO) score of 98
• DLAB score of 85 or a 1/1 on DLPT
APFT of 229 or above

• • JUMP PAY $ 150

• DIVE PAY $ 340

• HALO PAY $ 225


• Bonus (UP TO & NOT TO EXCEED) $ 20,000


Major Bob

heavyhands correctable 20/20 is acceptable, and if you make it to a sniper plt prove yourself and get the chance to go to sniper school then it will not matter that you have to wear contacts or glasses. Just to throw this out to you if you were to go to force recon you will still have the opportunity to go to sniper school and they will give you lasik surgery, but don't get me wrong if you really want the best training and more opportunities to do real world operations don't try to specialize in the marine corps go sf seal pj

I'm not interested in doing real world operations entirely. I appreciate the information greatly, however.

I'm more interested in the training in and of itself more than seeing combat.

Thanks again.


I have one more question.

I've read that you must be in an infantry MOS to even get into the sniper school, is this true? I've also read that you can have an 0200 MOS, is this true? Thanks.

In the Army, Infantry and a few other combat MOS's can attend sniper school.

When I went, there were a few Cav Scouts there also.

USMC is hiring for Marines of all MOS that qualify to try out for Scout/Sniper last I heard.

TTT for Woodlands to respond. THanks for the info guys.

Heavyhands, besides officers i've never heard of any intel guys going, my last plt. cmndr was intel and went to sniper employment course,which he must of slept through, and went to actual sniper school. Some mp's have also been sent and lar used to send them, however its not the norm. My plt sgt now was an instructor at advanced sniper school he just told me 0200 enlisted were not excepted to sniper school

So, it's only infantry MOSs that are accepted to sniper school or is there any way for any other MOS besides infantry to apply for sniper school?

There are always exceptions this i know for sure stone bay is in camp lejuene nc it will not except anyone but 03's quantico is different my buddy was an instructor out there and they had engineers go once what i can say is that be careful what anyone tells you you can do recruiting wise because unless you are an o3 i seriously doubt you can go to school and i've never heard any contracts gauraunteed to go