ATTN: MakeMeBleed

Hey man! I know you're off the grid right now, but here's hoping you're checking the forum on your phone!

Need to know what kind of finish you'd like on your son's Faka. Can't put the handles on until the steel is finished.

I can do a high satin finish, gun blue or an acid stonewash(like yours). Let me know!

I like mine a lot but I really wanna see what the blued steel turns out like. I am home now as sad as it is I had to come back to civilization lol

Lets go blue baby Phone Post

After you get the handles on and stuff shoot me some pictures, injunction and did you ever figure out the dimension on the Skinner axe? I want one

My wife is pinching me for OGing at church Phone Post

Damn dude, I didnt mean to get you in trouble with god or anything! Ill save a seat in hell for ya!

Ill be happy gun blue it for you. Pics as soon as its ready! Phone Post

No need to save a seat brother I got a VIP high roller room in hell with my name on the door Phone Post