Attn: Mako_

I have my book in front of me (Lactate Threshold Training, author: Perter Janssen, MD):

Training the Phosphate system:
6-8second activity (i.e. sprint)
3-5 minutes recovery (complete)
6--8 reps
HR monitoring not necessary

Training the Lactate System:
get you HR to 95% max for 2 minute intervals with rests of approx 30sec with HR 120-140
Duration 5-10 repititions

Training the Oxygen System:
Intensive Endurance Training
2-8 minute activity at 95% HR Max
4-6 minute recovery at 4-6 minutes
5-6 reps
Intermediate Endurance TRaining
long distance running/cycling - activity of 80-85% HR MAx
Extensive Endurance TRaining
long distnace running/cycling - acitivty of 70-80% Hr Max