ATTN: Marcos Avellan

Hey Marcos,

This is Josh from Canada, i grappled against Enrico at the dec. 19th Fast & Fearless. I was wondering when the video will be done.

I realize you guys are super busy, i'm just wondering if it's done or when it might be done.



try reaching him at the gym 305-225-4610


Those Dvd's will hopefully be available very soon.


Charles; i was hoping to get in touch with him on here so i don't have to call long distance. If he doesn't see this soon i will give him a call though, thanks

And yeah this was a wicked event all around hopefully it is out soon!! Plus i'm dying to see my match!!:-)

We had a lot of problems with the film. It was recorded on a camera that wasn't very compatible with anything else. However, we finally were able to successfully convert the film. As we speak, we have someone working on putting it on DVD. I will make a post as soon as they are ready. Thanks again Josh! :)


Sorry to hear you had those problems, but thats awesome that it's getting done soon. Can't wait to see it!! It should be awesome.

Thank you and take care.

a fast and fearless dvd is definitely cool!