Attn: Mark Bocek

 I should have asked earlier but what is your take on Frankie Edgar in his fight vs BJ?



I predict Frankie Edgar will be able to win this fight, if he is able to clearly win at least 3 rounds, or stop BJ Penn, but only if BJ Penn is not able to clearly win three rounds or stop Frankie Edgar.

Just my two cents.

BJ's too much for Frankie imo. He's better in every aspect of the game. I don't predict a submission win for Penn, but definitely a unanimous decision.

Oh, and by the way Mark, amazing performance against Miller. Sorry for the hijack, just had to say that.

I don't think that BJ is better at every aspect of the game.  I think Edgar has better wrestling and better overall boxing.  Obviously BJ's boxing is pretty freaking good too and I think that combined with his reach is enough to negate any advantage that Edgar might have on the feet.

I think this is more evenly matched than people think.

1armedScissor - I think this is more evenly matched than people think.

You're right about Edgar's wrestling being better. What I should have said was that I thought BJ's overall mma game is better.

I gave rounds 3 and 5 to Edgar and the rest to Penn. Penn, imo should have been given the nod. My guess is there will be a rematch soon and Penn's approach will be quite different. He didn't dominate every round like he should have, he could have pressed the action more, threw more punches, and from a wider variety of angles.