Attn: Mark Hominick

If you kill this guy and they want to try you for murder, JHR, Canario, and I will sneak you out of the country and hide you randomly in our basements until the heat blows over.

My basement is nicer than my main floor

I have the heavy bag in my basement. I wanted it in the kitchen but that was a no go apparently.

Dougie for PM.

I will help hide Mark out as well, always a place for him in my home

I have a bar stocked with "Au caramels" in my basement.


Tough fight to watch...keep your head up Mark. There's lots of time and lots of asses to kick still.

I'm looking forward to your next bout.

Don't anyone underestimate Mark....he has had a rough time lately but he will be back!


Very tough to watch but another learning experience. I felt a bit uneasy about Mark's reaction after the fight. Obviously, it's hard to get into his mind right after a very disappointing performance. I wished he would have been a little more gracious and given Rani Yahya his due props after the fight. Rani was practically chasing him down trying to shake his hand. Again, given all of the training and sacrifices that go into preparing for a fight like this, it's understandable to be upset. But just like GSP's next opponent, I think Mark's next opponent is in for a world of hurt!

Any post-fight pushups?




Ouch, and I am not talking about the needle stabbing me from these shorts.

I don't know what happened. It certainly wasn't in the gameplan.

Mark is a serious cometitior and wants to win, he's more let down by himself when he doesn't. So I don't think he was angry with Rani.

Rani's take downs looked awful. Props to him though once he went to the ground. Mark held off the ADCC competitor pretty well I thought. Rani is slick on the ground like oil.

He always goes back to the gym and learns and trains hard though so Machine, I'm still in your corner! You'll make a nice come back and throw some terror in the WEC!

tough fight.

I'd like to see Mark Hominick rematch Tommy Lee. Both coming off WEC losses and would be a revenge fight for Mark.

Jiu Jitsu.

"I'd like to see Mark Hominick rematch Tommy Lee"

exactly. could be a tough match up, but I think if Mark is taken down there is far less threat of going to the ground with Lee than guys like Hioki, Rani, Gurgel, even. Still I'd like to see him in with someone who will stand as well.