attn: martin - calisthenics?

I'd appreciate your help on bodyweight exercises for boxing.

Apart from the obvious ones such as squats, press ups, dips, chins etc, are there any others you swear by? Scrapper (from the S & C forum) has a great site, but I am also interested in your opinions as you seem to be the most knowledgable guy here when it comes to old school training techniques.

While I have started to work out with weights again recently, I am more interested in training the entire body as a single muscle, rather than the isolation on specific muscle groups.

If anyone else has helpful information, please feel free to add to this thread.




Excellent stuff.

BTW do you think that you can get any kind of significant punching power increase via conditioning? I mean I know you can't turn a Vito Antufermo into a Bob Foster (unfortunately), but would squatting for instance help by increasing the force in uppercuts etc?

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Yeah, that is strange about Hearns. Trinidad and Hamed were the same. Even early in his pro career, Hamed wasn't a huge puncher. Must have something to do with the changes in muscle strength and co-ordination and they physically mature.

BTW have you ever heard of a guy lose his punching power? I can't think of single instance, apart from times were guys like Braddock intentionally pulled their punches to avid breaking fragile hands.

Anyways... thanks for the info you old fart ;o)


what are vertical jumps?

I assumed they were just jump squats.

Tunney's trick in his preparation for fighting Dempsey?

"don't do it in traffic"

That is some sound advice you have there!