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ttt thanks EM!

Byrd.  DAMN YOU.

what? im a fan of dustin. you have money on jonathan?

No, you refused to leave lol.

i will leave in one hour and 5 minutes.

Joe Veres vs. Gray Maynard

Round 1

The two circled before Maynard threw a leaping left hook that crushed into Veres' chin. Maynard added a right hand as referee Mario Yamasaki stepped in at just nine seconds of the opening period.

Goulet is always gettin whooped.


9 SECONDS! wow!

Coles fight next?


I saw that snl movie yesterday! What is love?!!

Shakes head right to left nonstop

cole by triangle, hopefully

I like Cole, but I think Leonard is going to light him up.

9 Seconds, damn! Is that a record?

bang had a faster ko, ufc didnt see it that way though.

where you at EM?

Round 1 of Leonard vs Miller just started.

Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller

Round 1

Very entertaining round. Garcia comes out with a few hard lefts. Miller, with his back to the cage, hit a nice suplex after a quick scramble. Miller then looked for an Americana, an arm-triangle and an armbar, all of which were deep. Garcia escaped all of Miller's attempts and landed a brutal right hand to his downed opponent's jaw near the end of the round. Miller was hurt but survived to hear the bell. Very close round, but scored it 10-9 for Garcia.

damn, 3 sub attempts traded for a brutal right. crazy.