Matt Email me at .. I have something for you .


or if anyone knows his email, hook me up. He will have a nice suprise from this weekend.

what would that be? :)

One t in Mat (guys named Kirik get careful with names :-)

is it a body waxing kit?

Im thinking Mat would need multiple kits just to get started

MAybe it's an inflatable sheep. I heard he asked Santa for one of those.

gotta admit, I have a blast with these fighters creativity!


ttt for Mat Santos

ttt for Mat "Simian" Santos.

He is one hyperhairy dude.

Kids are getting out of school soon so he'll be occupied for a couple hours. Try tonight.

If your talking about the G string he left at the RamRod, He already found it

Did you take the photo of him being hogtied, and upside down , and blow it up, frame it, and have it autographed by all involved?

You guys think that would sell on ebay?

Kids out of school? Bob, Doesnt that mean you'll be heading to dunks? I dunno....nevermind.....Jr. High gets out at 3.

Hey this is about Santos.

And fuck you and your green name.

Is it a giant spleef? 'Cause if it is, you won't be seeing him for hours afterwards. Or is it a ride home? Santos is always looking for a ride home.

someone achieve this thread please...

LOL @ the responses!

"it goes you then little lauzon" You mean Joe?

Matt they were looking for you on the Discovery channel a couple nights ago. They were laying a trap using human and primate feces...They should have just emptied an ash tray in a pit.

Littlefield comes out swinging!