ATTN: Matt

I received your "Spring Camp 2006" disk 1, for the guard surfing drill. I have drilled your instruction and I liked it a lot; however, what I missed on the DVD is your "Must have basics steps to pass the guard" you mention a few on the DVD but it isn't like your SBG3 lists. Can you list them. I think it was something like:

Control the legs and hip,Posture etc...

thanks in advance.

Sean Springr

Until Matt sees this, it may be:

  1. Open the guard
  2. Control the legs
  3. Control the hip
  4. Lock in the upper body
  5. Land the hips

I am not sure exactly what you are referencing. But Mike just posted the 5 point passing game. That is the core of what I teach brand new people, and it is the formula all guard passes follow. There are also the inside the closed guard drills we work, safety position, base & posture to combat base.

My progression usually works like this. .

1-Safety position drill

2- Base & posture drill (isolating both, then combining)

3- Combine to combat base drill (done very frequently)

4- Five point passing game (using some fundamental passes to illustrate the concept)

5- Guard surfing (core passing drill for my athletes)

That is the core of my fundamental passing curriculum.

That is exactly what I was looking for,the 5 point passing game. Thanks Mat and Mike.