Attn: Mental

What fighting orgs are legit MMA and not works;
with all the trouble going on with TKO/Patry, I
don't know who to believe anymore.



All fight org's in Canada are legit. It all depends where there are sanctioning bodies at.

Thanks Mental.

Not a problem. Sanctioning bodies are the key. So for example Moncton you could have a pro-boxing match but you couldn't have pro-MMA because they do not sanction it. Now in Saint John there is no sanctioning body so if TKO wanted to put on a show here there they couldn't because there is no sanctioning body.

But if local authorities are cool with it and you have judges, ref's, and medical staff I really don't see a problem with putting a show on. Just my opinion though.

Mental; let's put together a show in Bouctouche. I checked with the town, they like the sound of it.

Really LOL. Do they have a place to hold an event? Who polices them? RCMP?

RCMP are the resident cops; as for a place they have more than one. I went to high school there.

The Moncton Commission would shut it down no quesitons asked.

How in the hell can Moncton do that to another town?

Go to my 6th post on this thread. It is because there is no commission in Bouctouche.

So how do we get a commission set up in Bouctouche?

Lots of work man and I'm not quite sure Bouctouche is worth the work. You have to get the town/village to setup a bylaw and commission. Lots of work.

Let's take this off-line. E-mail me talk about this more.