ATTN Metalheads

I wrote and recorded this last Sunday. Thoughts?
I am a shitty singer, but whatever. I also know the mixing is terrible, but not too bad through headphones.

What drum program did you use?

EZDrummer2 through Cubase

Cool keep it going Phone Post 3.0

You sang only ?? Or what else did you do? Phone Post 3.0

Not really my thing by the way, but it had some cool parts (like the late 4 mins - 5:12 or so). I'm sure if you polished it more it would end up being cool.

Sounds like a great rough draft to something cool.

What recording equipment did you use?

I played guitar, bass, and sang.  Drums are programmed.


Jackson slsmg, Ibanez sr-500, POD x3

Anybody else with original music, post it. I'm still down for an OG metal band. Lyrics would be hilarious.

I'll try to throw something together.

Take this with a grain of salt. I'm not the biggest fan of melodeath but I will say this, you have a ton of potential. My advice is to ditch the clean vocals as you don't have the tonal variety to really carry them. Either switch those particular pieces to death growls or perhaps bring in a female guest vocalist to sing those portions (lyrics may need to be rewritten a tad).

The melodies are good, the mixing is good enough, and the death growls are surprisingly great imo. You just need to polish the clean delivery or bring in some outside help. Create 5 of these than throw them up on BC for a Name Your Own Price and I could see you developing a fanbase in short order.

Thanks man. I hear ya. Would prefer to work with someone that has the chops in the clean vocals department. But the reason I do it is so I can at least flesh out complete songs. If I were ever to go into a studio, there's no way in hell I would be doing the clean singing lol

Felt weak in sound, if that makes sense. I enjoyed the guitar riffs a lot, just missing the deeper tones on the overall sound. Phone Post 3.0

There's only bass on the slower parts in that demo. I did that because I figure a lot of people will listen through phones, etc. where you can't hear the bass anyway and also it can be overpowering unless mixed meticulously and tested through several sources, which I was too lazy to do lol I can definitely throw it in there and upload a revision though. Thanks Ryann

For anyone wondering, this particular track was influenced heavily by Immortal, Be'lakor, Soen, and Black Crown Initiate.


Here's the guitar.  Song is at 280bpm and the tuning is B.

Here's the bass