ATTN: Miguel

I´ve been trying to contact you the past weeks about the possibility to have european representatives in the female divisions also. The organizers of the European Trials has decided not to have any trials for the female divisions and that is just stupid! We have 2 great representatives for both the -60 and the +60 kg divisions:

-60 kg Anny Hammarsten. 34 year old Submission grappler with a record of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places that no women in Europe can top!! This past weekend she participated in all of the 3 weightclasses for women (-55, +55 and Absolute) in the Swedish Open (adcc style comp) and took gold in her own class and bronze in both the +55 and Absolute category. She would have taken silver in both thoose too if she hadn´t been stoped by Camilla Gjelsten, who i will introduce next, in the semi-finals.
Anny trains very hard in both freestyle wrestling and BJJ, and she competes in every competition there is (wherever its BJJ, SW, MMA or even pointfighting stand up!!) against both guys and girls. She has really earned a spot in the world Championships, more then anyone in Europe (except maybee champ Einemo...)

+60 kg Camilla Gjelsten. This 20 something Gracie Barra BJJ Purple Belt is the dominant force in whole of scandinavia in the +55/+60 kg category. She beats everyone she meets and has only lost one match in 4 years i think. She also won the Mundial blubelt category in 2003 (or was it 2002?). If there is a spot open for a female grappler from Europe in the +60 kg Category, Camilla deserves it, and she can choke out anybody from their back to show it!!

Theese 2 women is the best Europe can offer (what i know anyway). Scandinavia is the dominating area in europe when it comes to bjj and Grappling, and theese 2 dominate their divisions there. I really hope that the organizers of the World Championships decide to have an equal mixture of nationalities in the female divisions as in the male divisions. I think it would be sad to just pick a few known names from USA and Japan and not consider the rest.

Please contact me here or on my e-mail . Any help is deeply appriciated!

best regards,

Daniel "Cenoura" Larsson, Slakthuset BJJ - Team yamasaki Sweden.




Camilla is very good
I fought her at Mundials 2003, the one where she won the gold

Thanks for these resumes - I have received them (from here) and we are planning a MAJOR press release on the women's event very soon.

Thanks for applying!