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First of all this isn't a troll or any type of attack on Royce or any type of BJJ vs Judo thread.

I am curious about Royce's training for this fight. In another thread I noticed that he was training with his brothers and students. Has he done any training with anyone that has specifics strengths in Judo, similar to Yoshida. I would expect in a high profile fight such as this, Royce would try and train for his specific opponent. If that is the case, do you have any idea whom he has been training with? If that isn't the case do you have an idea why he wouldn't. It seems that alot of the successful Mixed-Martial-Artists today train specifically for an opponent.



Personally, I dont think it is too important that he train with a high level sport Judoka.The idea that he could improve in his standing game to ever hang with Yoshida is a lost cause..Yoshida reached a level one in a million ever do in that area..

I think he is training the right way, with guys Yoshida's size and of Yoshida's ne-waza calibre. He needs to stop Yoshida in ne-waza..He can not stop him on his feet..Well, unless he outstrikes him, but that remains to be seen..

this fight will not be decided through striking....


I was drawing an analogy from my understanding of other MMArtists training. I assumed that guys like Chuck Liddel, or even Matt Hughes training for Frank Trigg would train with strong wrestlers, not only to improve their own take-down and take-down defense skills but to also adapt what their own training philosophy should be against that type of an opponent. I kind of thought it would be good for Royce to train with guys of similar strenghts as Yoshida, to allow himself to adapt to that game.


I guess my point was that he is training with guys similiar to Yoshida...BJJ and Judo have the same techniques and the same goal in a fight.

Wrestlers have different techniques and it is a different style, kickboxers, boxers, all have different styles..Judo and BJJ for a fight are the same thing, same techniques, same style.

The guys he is training with are bigger than him and use the same techniques Yoshida will use. (I'm sure they have been working extra hard on countering sleeve chokes, but that same sleeve choke is in BJJ too)...

Althought I agree that BJJ and Judo have similar or the same techniques, the application of those techniques between Yoshida and Royler for example will have different emphasis and execution. I originally felt that it might be good for Royce to train with some top-level judoka to get that different emphasis. Also if he trains with these guys day-in and day-out he will know them and they will know him and he might find some difficulties grappling and fighting someone with a dramatically different style.

I dont see it as much different, they wear a gi, they try to take you to the ground, choke you or break your arms. Yoshida is not very good on the ground, according to Koga..So it makes sense that training with good ne-waza guys Yoshida's size is pefect training for what he has to do to win and that is sub Yoshida on the ground.