ATTN: Mike Camp

Hey Bro, It was nice meeting you at ECF on friday. (thanks for the shirt). I was wondering, where in INdy do you train? I'm just down in Bloomington, and would like to come up and train with you guys everyonce in a while.

Good job last Friday. Mike trains at Ring Sports, with Godsey, Lytle, Monteiro, and all the Integrated guys. You should come up and check it out.


Thanks Keith.

I hope to fight on one of your cards soon. Unfortunetly June is out as I am closing on a house and moving, going to MA for business, blahblahblah.

I'll shoot you an email about checking out ringsports.

mike's back in with the integrated guys? ive been out of the loop for far too long


Does Leo Sylvest still train at RingSports?