ATTN:Mike O'borne

Do you live in Vancouver? How do you know CUO so well if your from Vancouver? I was curious because you seem rather defensive about anyone talking trash about him.

Also are you and infotr8 still having your match?

Also Where do you train in Vancouver?

Hello Mr.Hammer, yes I do in fact live in Vancouver. I don't know CUO personally just from this forum. I just think he's a funny guy who can back up his trash talking. He has personality and a charisma that most people on this board simply don't possess.

info and myself have no time or date set at this moment. If he still wants to go through with our match I will gladly give him the opportunity.

I train with a couple of different people, some ex-sfu wrestlers, a couple of good boxers and a couple of submission grapplers. I'm personal trainer full time so I train about 3 days a week when I have the time.

If you read this infotr8 we should come up with some rules for the match. I'm looking at location as we speak. We may have to have the match at a gym after it closes. So this would have to be on a weekend for me considering I'm up at 5:00am all week.


Mike O'borne you don't know CUO personally but you think he's a great guy from what he posts on here??? Well I guess to each his own...

It sounds like you want to throw down with infotr8 quite badly? Will this be mma or grappling rules? What is your fighting background infotr8?

TTT for infotr8's response!