Attn: Mike Sweeny

Hey Mike,

You were talking on the other thread about coming to Nova Scotia in the summer. I think that would be swell! Shoot me an email at and we'll make plans. Hopefully, we will have just opened our new place up by that time.


P.S. If you are reading this thread, and your NOT Mike Sweeny, then you are a lurking a-hole and next time I see you I'll fart in your general direction!!

** was going to TTT this thread for Mike and Rowan, but after what Rowan said, screw that... **

I don't blame you Joe. But thanks anyway, I got the message:)


I was lurking Rowan. And if you farted in my direction right now it wouldn't matter. There's an easterly coastal wind travelling down the St. Lawrence from Ontario to, out east right now according to the weather network. Also we both know with physics laws that the dispersment of farts are 111parts per million per kilometre, and with your farts in the 10000ppm it wouldn't reach me even if the coastal winds were westerly. Don't forget I am making way there this summer sometime as well, for sure.

I'm just observing.

Im with Portugese on this thread, Im just observing

man Not Lettuce is a crusty SOB all of a sudden!!


It must be the sea water

Alright you jokesters, I'm gonna tear someone a new one if you don't stop messing with me!

Wiley... you've done your homework son. I give you a happy face sticker.