Attn Military Fighters

Check out the new website.

2 of the best MACP instructors are trying to get their business off the ground and could use our help. Not only do the have cool shirts, but they are working on spreading knowledge of local realistic training facilites and schools around military communites to help fellow soldiers. Drop them a line and tell them what you think!!!

the website is cool anything that they need from Korea. Im very sure that Al or myself can square you away. We do not haver a website we do have a yahoo groups.


ArmyFighter is a cool concept. These guys are legit. Check them out!


ArmyFighter is on the up and up! Great guys there!

Chris call me! I know you're retired and all you slacker!

I think i may be leaving korea in feb. I ll be trying to do my best to show to Bennning once in a while. Going to Gordon!! Hope not I like korea

Thats awesome.They definetly have my support.Someone should tell them to add Fayetteville to their list.Their are a few mma schools there outside of Ft Bragg!


I emailed Cooper a list of schools from most of the major posts, he is just contacting the owners to verify it is okay with them to put them on armyfighter. Feel free to drop them a line at the email address on their website and give them your schools info.



Please send me that list so I can have it for references and when students PCS pls


Not a problem, bro. I'll send them to your myspace.


If you could send those to me as well that would be awesome I just got to Ft Huachuca recently and I cant find anywhere to train.

Oh yeah my myspace is

Thanks for the info.Tuscon is a little far to drive to train daily but perhaps on the weekends.Thanks for the info though!


Hey. If you need somebody to train with I'm game. I'm stationed here at Huahuca. I got back from Korea in June. There is a team out here that competes in MMA but they're still trying to get a little structure in the program. They're called Team Psycho. They work out out Lees Cardio Kicking off of 92 Mon, Wed, Fri from 2030-2200. They mainly focus on the standup during those days. Tues/Thurs they work out in another location. To be honest though you really don't need to go over there unless you just want to go there unless you really need a variety of training partners. I went for the first month because it was $20.00 for the first month but after the first month it's $40.00. It's not worth it. The things that we learned from Level 3 combatives has more structure and works you out more that training with them although I do miss having different work out partners. If you're looking to do some regular training I have my own wrestling matts, Tai pads, focus mitts, boxing gloves, etc, at my house. I have one reliable training partner but I'm looking for a few more. You can get a hold of my at 227-0009. My name is James Raby. I'll probably be doing some drilling tonight starting around 1800. The sessions we do are usually about 2 hours.

Sounds good man.I'm actually going to Ft Gordon on Monday for five months though.Going to 25N school.Just got here and they are already sending me away.I will try and stay in touch and look you up when I get back.I'm going to try and stay active training while I am there.What unit are you in?

ArmyFighter website

At first I thought the t-shirts were a bit cheesy, but after reading the rest of the site I think they did that on purpose.  Cool idea.

JR the drive is about an hour and a half.Three hours of driving a day just is'nt doable on an ever changing schedule!

Still no update on the site!

About 3 1/2

Damn why did I not know about a place in Tucson, I could have avoided some quality time with the inlaws.