Attn: Mind Body Soul participants

My friends (Emily and Bob, from Grande Prairie) had a few of their items stolen from their vehicle earlier on this afternoon. Among those items were a camcorder and a digital camera. There were footages and pictures from the Mind Body Soul tournament.

I do realize that it would be close to impossible to find who broke into their vehicle, let alone track down their missing items; however, I also don't want them to be turned off from returning to Edmonton for any future tournaments.

I believe we can help them out a little by providing some of our memories of the event, so that they can have something that they can share to their friends and families.

If you have Emily e-mail address, then send some of your pics or vids to her (especially those that captures either Bob or Emily in action). If you've got some footage of the tournament up on Youtube, send her the link (or post it here). If you don't have her contact info, you can send them to me at I'll forward them to her.

If you've got an account on Facebook, upload them there (especially on the Arashi-Do group page, provided that you are a "member" of the group). Emily does have a Facebook account, so she should be able to access them (or I can direct her to that page).

I'm not asking that you upload all your photos; just the ones containing images of either Emily or Bob. FYI, Emily competed in the women's (over 140) BJJ and women's (over 140) no-gi; Bob competed in the men's (heavyweight) intermediate BJJ and the men's (heavyweight) intermediate no-gi. Please help out some fellow competitors.

Much is appreciated for your help,


PS. My digital camera died before I was able to take pictures of any of the men's division. So far, I got a bunch from the women's division, so if you've got some pics or vids from the men's division, you would be helping out greatly.

Thanks again.

I'll ask JoJo if she has anything and get it out to you guys.

Sorry for the bad luck.

I really hope to see them out again. They have made several trips just this year alone.

Hey Calvin, that sucks big time. I'm not sure exactly how it's done, but if they have the serial numbers for the items stolen, they can report it, and if anyone tries to sell the items later at a pawn shop or something, they may be found. Slim chance, but worth a shot.

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures... I've had stuff stolen at a tournament in Red Deer when I used to compete in TKD, and haven't brought a camera or anything valuable to a tournament since.

I had my brand new truck stolen after the tournament from the parking lot of the Ramada the night after the tournament. Silver Chevy Silverado with a Big "MicroWatt Control Devices" decal on the back window.

I know Bob and actually had a great fight against him at the tournament.

Fortunately, We had our camera's in our room. So I have the whole first fight against Bob on tape. I lost my cell phone in the truck and had exchanged numbers with Bob so if you can forward him this email it would be greatly appreciated.

I can definitely send him a copy of the fight.

My email is

Thanks Aaron. I'll let Bob (as well as Emily) know. You'll hear from one of them.

Thanks for the help so far guys!