You justified your childish attacks on the S&C forum because you believe that I pose as a Christian on this forum so I can deliver back-handed comments.

You are beyond incorrect.

Feel free to ask anyone on here if I've ever claimed to be a Christian.

Ignorance is understandable, but it's a good idea to get your facts straight. Here is your opportunity. ;)


SCRAPPER's not a Christian?

Damn, he's fooled all of us!

Ok, ok, SCRAPPER has always been open and honest about his beliefs.

SCRAPPER I am pretty sure you said you were either christian or raised that way, but since I can't go through every thread here to find that, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.You are correct, I was RAISED as a Christian but walked away from it when I was a teenager. either way - you have ridiculed christianity numerous times - and I strongly disagree with you doing so.I think if you read a bit closer, I ridicule some CHRISTIANS, but not the religion itself. There are things that a Christian believes that I don't believe, but if I make any type of negative comments they are usually directed at the person, not Jesus or his teachings. NO I didn't. my 'attacks' were joking back are your ridiculous comments about you being the team captain and others being the water boys. I knew your ego was immense and that you probably couldn't take a joke. I wanted to see for sure and found I was correct.You're mistaking my joking with Jonwell for more than it is. I've known him for years and it would be silly to think that you can just walk right in the middle of the whole thing, sling a "joke", and expect it to be taken the same way. Stumbling into the middle of a joke between two friends and then crying when those two friends "turn" on you (or in this case ME turning on you) doesn't prove anything other than you being an outsider. The humor that I use during my classes is one of my trademarks and I've displayed it enough times on this forum for people to know when I'm fooling around. The ones that seem to get upset the most are the ones with the fragile egos, who think that I couldn't possibly be calling THEM waterboys. the reason I mentioned religion is because you referred to me as a 'religious crackpot'. which further displays your lack of respect to religions in general, and really to almost everyone else here, who tend to me more religious than I am.HAHA! The religious crackpots on here know exactly what I think of them. Do you have some sort of vision of yourself as the Holyground Savior from that Devil SCRAPPER? Did you think that by posting that that the Holyground would rally behind you? HAHAHA! Maybe you should stick to posting threads about 10% tithing and homosexual tendencies in the gym.

SCRAPPER if I was an attention whore like yourself, and wanted the holyground to rally around me, I would have made an ATTN: SCRAPPER thread.So now I'm an attention whore? hahaha! Man, you're really reaching here. instead - YOU did that with me, AFTER telling me to keep all this off the forum and just email you, which I did to both your personal addresses.Go back and re-read what I posted. Jokes towards me is one thing but jokes towards my girlfriend is something else (and I think most guys would agree). To your credit, you DID email me but simply stated that you you already said what you wanted to say on these forums. Taking that cue, I simply responded to your posts and felt like the problem could be handled here.and again - you keep calling it humour - which is what I called what I said too.Maybe you don't have any friends and find it hard to relate to what I've already said. When two people who have known each other for a long time are joking, and you're not part of the "group", then you are an outsider and your comments are going to be taken as such. This is especially true when all we're reading is text and there's no physical interpretation of the person's actions when they are talking. I've been involved in enough internet debates that have eventually smoothed over to know how it works. which proves what I've said for what seems like the hundredth time: your ego is too weak to take a joke So your initial argument is that I have a huge, weak ego? Would you mind telling me how you came to this conclusion BEFORE you made your joke? SCRAP

Maybe you should go back and read what other people, who know me much better than you ever will, have said about me. I guess it's possible that they are all just wrong and you have stumbled upon the correct. haha! Your belief that it's everyone's business to post on any thread is a shining example of the immaturity that is the driving force behind all of the sub-forums on Why do you think there is a holyground? Because people wanted to post about their beliefs without every asshole on the OG making rude comments. And on those sub-forums a relationship/friendship is developed by the people that regularly post there (even among people who disagree). Newbies (like yourself) come in and feel it's their responsibility to test those that have been there a while and then refuse to see that they are incorrect. A while back on the S&C forum, there was a new guy who brought up some serious questions about training. Several people provided links, studies, and made several book references to show him he was wrong. He refused to accept that he was wrong and resorted to attacking everyone. He even went to the OG and made a thread to complain about how he was being treated. The OG pretty much laughed, told him to quit his whining, and he eventually went away as his posts became more and more troll-like (you know, like posting about homoeroticism and stupid shit like that) and they were deleted as soon as they were made. I'm wondering if there's a lesson in here somewhere....... I SUSPECTED a big ego - but when you couldn't take a joke, I saw a big ego turn into a weak one.Well, go back and read the original thread again. You made the "hilarious" joke of 1) misspelling my name (which is really clever by the way), 2) being unable to take my return comment and resorting to making a comment about my girlfriend. I then simply told you what was up and it progressed from there. If these threads show anything about anyone, it shows that you have a big mouth but can't take it when someone puts you in your place (which is typical of an internet forum. It's not rocket science to know that most of the people who do a lot of talking wouldn't do it in the same manner in person). It doesn't take a big ego to tell you what I do and do not tolerate and it's not my problem that you can't accept that. SCRAP

Well, it's turning into a "your the one with the fragile ego" discussion which will go nowhere so I'll end it here.



"the reason I mentioned religion is because you referred to me as a 'religious crackpot'. which further displays your lack of respect to religions in general, and really to almost everyone else here, who tend to me more religious than I am. "

not at all...his calling you a 'religious crackpot' is not representative of his overall views of religion or of those who take part in whatever practice....the comment displays his lack of respect for you and you hate for you to misunderstand what he was saying

did i say that it was representative of you? no.

i simply stated that his comment was directed at you, and not your faith, faith in general nor the people that practice it...whether or not i agree or disagree is not what is in question, but what was intended with the comment, and you misread it

whether or not others took offense to it is another thing...the comment was intended for you alone

but take it as you will