You have posted a pretty amazing post on Bas Rutten Book. After receiveing your copy, you was not happy with your purchase and wanted your refund.

Fair enough you have the right for a full refund.

Don't get upset on my opinion, Any Bas Rutten instructional tapes are quite good.

He explain the moves in detail, not only that, it's been tested in the ring, cage and on the streets.

My friends that trained with him in Australia, when he was defending the KOP title the man knows his shit.

Mario Sperry, Randy Courture, Marcelo Garcia, Tom Proctor, and The El Guapo Bas Rutten videos or DVDs will give the edge in the winners circle.

For everybody in the entire MMA.TV forum would tell you that Bas Rutten is "THE MAN".

My 2 cents! :-)

"Any Bas Rutten instructional tapes are quite good."

that is all well and good but he doesn't like the BOOK.

Anything that Bas Rutten puts out either books or videos are excellent to learn.

while I agree the way he went about demanding a refund was rediculous, wishing to return a product is not. Scold him for being a dickhead, for being impatiant, for being a knowitall but dont scold him for wishing to return a product. I don't think there is a grown adult on earth that hasn't returned something in their lifetime.

CharlesFFA/AFA, is correct.