attn. Mitsuyomaeda

I have two free tickets to michigan where we hang with Malloys family and have much fun! Anyway let me know when is a good time to come up and train/seminar/drink. I would be honored.

Also I appreciate the kind words...

Let me see what I can put together bro..

It would rock to have you up here!

TTT for a seminar in Michigan with Dave and Metro. Q what happened to the line of seminars you guys were doing? I missed the first one but was interested if you guys put on some more.


We put off the Josh Resnick seminar and it will probably go the last weekend of March.

Q and a couple of the fellas put the leglock seminar on last spring. It went well.

TTT, thanks fellas, when you gonna come to Ca.

Dave, There is a sub grappling no gi tourney near Livonia 1/24 @ -160 or -165. $1,000. to the winner, $500. to 2nd, $250. third. 16 man tourney. I'm positive you could get in it if you wanted to. I believe their is a bjj black belt in it and a lot of tuff sub grapplers.

Couldn't get a seminar together by then though but that grand would make it a nice trip.

Thanks Osaekomi