ATTN: MMA-themed apparel companies

Ay yo. I'm trying to put together a roundup of lesser-known (though still very cool) MMA apparel and gear brands for my little blog, but half of the ones I was looking at don't seem to have official websites (i.e., Venum, Caged Assassin, Familia Gladiatoria). Anyway, I need some more names/ideas, so if you're connected with an MMA gear/"lifestyle" brand and you want a free plug on CagePotato, shoot me your official site, either in this thread or via Many thanks...



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2 great companies... --- great thai equipment and apparel --- Mma star gear is great looking and has some affiliation or is owned by Pat Miletich

Great stuff so far, guys...much appreciated.

Lay-N-Pray Fightgear

"We go the distance!"


lol, please no...

Ha! No Matrats please, Mexican or otherwise...

Vicious Fighter Gear -

Charles and Chalin are the shiticles!

Been supporting and gearing up PNW fighters for almost a decade.

Early sponsors of this areas best fighters - Jeff Monson, Benji Radach, Dennis Hallman, John Gunderson, Lisa Ward, Eddy Ellis, and Cory Devela.

check out Guillotine

Armored Athletes

Up and Coming Group that has patented THE most effective way
to become a better MMA Athlete.

It will increase your strength, your speed, your stamina and your overall conditioning!



 Oops didn't see the lesser known part, but check out our site anyways. 


Not sure what their website is off the top of my head, but I dig that six deuce gear stuff.

Awesome. Last call for this stuff, guys...I'm gonna post it in about an hour.