Do anybody knows if the guys from are having problems or something because it´s been 5 weeks since I ordered some products and I haven´t received them .They are not answering my emails either. I´m so dissapointed I thought it was a serious company .
This is all I know about my orders
169248 10/17/2004 Ready to be Shipped
169292 10/20/2004 Ready to be Shipped

169427 10/28/2004 Complete

Post on the main UG forum. They seem to answer there fastest.

i guess nobody learns .. this company burns alot of people.

i hope that company gets their shit together cause i have not heard one positive thing about their service. i am sure as hell not going to risk ordering from them.

ive been burned before, ive ordered then after 5months i cancelled the credit card transaction. then i got it one month later, then they complain about me not paying..i should of got that shit for free. it was just a t-shirt

It took me 5 weeks to get a GI and rash guard.

I like working with NaGuarda and ATAMA.

that's bullshit


Shitty company I order 2 dvd it took forever and the quality is VERY poor.

do they still sponsor this website?

im not sure but they ripped me off.