Attn Moderator

minotaurolover is insulting me without a reason, and I am feelling offended by the pictures and words he has been using.

This is the Holyground forum, and if I can´t post here in peace, then this place has lost its meaning.

where is the love?


Sorry you got talked to that way, please don't stop posting here. I can't speak for anyone else, but I like reading your posts and you seem like you are kick ass to me. That is all.


I also support Donna here. Maybe Mino meant nothing bad, but if he didn´t it shouldn´t be so hard to apologize either imo.

Donna is the epitome of liberal love and tolerance, surely she has taken the time to empathize, understand, love and sing kumbya and let this go...

cant' we all just get along?

Thanks Bludhall, thanks Joshua, thanks FudoMyoo.

I don´t know where you got the idea I would leave this forum.

I only think that personal attacks has no place here at the Holyground.

We can debate ideas, and that is good and part of the purpose of this place.

But I don´t think calling people names has place here.

"We encourage you to post a message, question or thought regarding spirituality or faith. " - That´s what I´ve been doing lately. I know many people may disagree with those messages - even myself - but it is just to think about. To say that I endorse everything I post quoting is not true, because that would be blind faith, which I don´t have. Yet, those texts have been helpful for me in curious moments (by chance, some would say), when I´m complaining about something and the message hits right on the nail.

minotaurolover you say you tried to be nice. I can see your point of view. What you cannot see is that, what you call "nice", I call disrespectful. There are jokes you cannot play with women, and you still need to learn how to behave with them. Men and women are different, don´t expect me to behave like you.

Men in general don´t understand that words are of great importance for women, and it is quite useless to say "ignore what he said", because the damage to self esteem is done while we are reading.

DOn't make me come back here :)

the rev

"Donna: I didn't realise you were female until I just read this now. "

you know alot of men named Donna?

It's nice to have people from a variety of spiritual views on here. Otherwise, we'd just be agreeing all the time, and what fun would that be?

I'm really sorry to hear that Donna was offended, but I happen to like Minotaurlover and think that (he?) is an intelegent person. I would be very dissapointed if Minotaurlover stoped posting. Could you both please just burry the hatchet?

lol @ "tries to ban you"

As if I ever needed that.

Grow up, mino.

You still are not able to understand how women like to be treated.


gettin crazy up in here

Keep me out of this!