Just letting you all know that there is now an official Shooto Australia website at:

Pictures will be added over the next couple of days, along with results of previous competitions etc...


Can you please add a reference to this site on the information page of the Australasian forum? Elvis or Luke, are you able to help us with this?



Looks like you guys are doing some good things, top stuff.

thanks Luke



ttt for all the Aussie MMA sites... :)


Not trying to start a shit fight but this humors me

"Shooto should not be confused with No Holds Barred fighting or tough man competitions. Strict rules and regulations are enforced regarding the specifications of gloves, protective equipment, the number and length of rounds and the correct matching of opponents in weight classes. Following these rules, ensures fighter safety, and legitimacy of Shooto as a combat sport."

can someone please post the shooto melbourne poster here "banned in America N.H.B."

Shooto by the way is my favourite Japanese promotion.


Nice web site, ttt

Well done to the Site Creators.

Looking forward to seeing the Results of C Class Events & a Ranking system included, too!

I'm with Chris, also can't wait to see the ranking system Larry was talking about at the C Class event in Melb.

My favourite way involves a childs arm floatie,any type of lubricant,glad wrap and a couch cushion...Oh RANKING SYSTEM....Sorry..