ATTN: Mods

Can I please get an explanation as to why two of my posts were specifically deleted from the 'To UnzippedAndMcorkholed' thread. Neither were slanderous in any way, in fact quite the opposite. (Initally on p. 6 after Zippy says Thanx Romo)

I naturally would lean towards thinking that if you speak sense to Zippy he can't reply by calling you a woman, so he simply makes the post dissapear...

Please convince me otherwise


If your two posts were:

Horse Meat


-Until Tito

Then, I can understand why a Mod would have deleted your posts.

If those weren't your posts --- they were likely mine.

you realize he doesnt have the power to delete anything correct? therefore someone with more power deemed what you said to be inappropriate. FYI I didnt see your post so I am not judging....just saying.


No I didn't realize that. This isn't specific to him, the guy clearly is more concerned with name calling.. I just want to get a better idea of how things work on this site.

Sagiv Lapkin -  I didn't see your posts so I can't comment on your issue specifically. Just keep things appropriate and respectful and you're all set.


I did. That's why I have an issue with this...

dont worry, it's a weird phenomenon on this board. sometimes i will revisit an old thread and notice that someone quoted something i said, only to find my original post missing..