Attn: Monte Cox

Can't seem to find an EMAil for Monte anywhere, so I'll post this here.

Just out of curiosity, how often do you have amature tournaments at your shows? I've only had one fight, got my ass handed to me, but, well, I'm stupid and stubborn, so I want to give it another try. I'm not really interested in making a career out of this or anything, just kind of have that "love for the sport" thing. I'm sure it will be beat out of my soon enough. Just to repeat/clarify: how often/do you at all and how can I go about getting into one?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Coughlin
Amature fighter UNextrordinaire...

Michael, contact me at


Monte's got a blue name. So much for me posting pictures of him and getting away with it...




JHR's days are numbered... no longer will the occasional pinch on my buttocks be tolerated.

oh, an occasional pinch on the ass never heart anyone, Monte.

If by occasional you mean constant...


Then you are correct my friend...