Attn: Mrs Sub.. FREE SUB PLEASE!

 Rumor has it SubDudewitaTude has been banned from the HG by his wife and I for one miss the guy, he was a solid member with a great sense of humor and we need him back...

So I'm starting a petition for Mrs Sub to "FREE SUB"!! please sign below




was thinking the same thing jjd.


 come on guys sign it for Sub!!

 Aright you FUGGERS, let me set the record straight.

BinMutherFukkinLadden started this whole falsified sheit about my wife making me stay off the HG in hopes that it would piss me off enough so that i would post......


oh wait............DOH!!!!!!


Truth be told, i've got sooo much shit going on right now that i need to restrict myself to the occassional lurk.


Trust me, it has been difficult to not voice my opinionated ass on this here forum, but i gotta pay the bills.

Feel me?


P.S. when things cool down a bit i'll spend more time with the HG boiz :)


P.P.S. BMFL & Ronesian

*Holds up longest finger in each hand and points it in your general direction* 

 LMAO, Sub has gone "underground" and become a lurker!


We just cared about you brother Sub! ;-)

Thanks jjd and FCTV,

Now let me get back to work CODDAMIT!!!!

Obviously it worked didn't it? Look who's posting again.

Sub watch out! I see Mrs. Sub driving up the street to your house! Quick, log off now before she walks in the door!