attn MS: eating blood...


I think the word you're looking for is "treyf".

If you want the Jewish opinon- you are all eating blood and unkosher food all the time. Keep in mind Kashrut goes beyond just the blood. The animal can ONLY eat a vegetarian diet (hence Jewish cows do not get mad cow disease), until the time of transportation, it must be able to move around, the animal can not be sick, abused, etc. In fact, the Jewish method of killing an animal is by beheading (and between each animal the sword is sterilized and sharpened) while many chickens in Canadian facotires are simply bopped on the head, cooked alive or literally torn limb from limb. Since we are to tend to this garden, we must ensure we do not cause undo harm.


I think the word you're looking for is "treyf".Thanks. Is that pronounced like it reads? Eg. Like the word 'tray' with an 'f' sound at the end?

Puzzled- Jewish law states that if a medical procedure can save your life you go with your doctor's advice, so blood transfusions = good. Organ transplants, mostly okay too, unless the organ comes from an animal like say a pig. My rabbi says if you aren't eating the pig, it's okay to have pig parts around the house like boar's bristle hair brushes. Other rabbis disagree.
MS- I am only going to say this once: KOSHER IS A LIFE STYLE CHOICE!Sort of like how some people don't belong to a synagogue but others of us do.

Anyone here ever eaten a "blood pie"? guess what: it's not just a name.

MS- for the last time: Kosher is a life style choice, like being a member of a synagogue sort of like some of us.
Rooster- Do you belong to a church? Do you go? Do I care? Not realy, it's none of my busniess how you choose to practise your faith, it's just an example.

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All your posts have appeared, just wait 30secs before reloading. Kashrut is both a lifestyle choice but also deals with how we treat the animals.

MS- ironic, I never thought you would be reminding me of the animal rights aspect oof our religion.

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IBI- Sorry man completely skipped your post. Yeah, that's it and its pronounced that way, just be careful where you put the emPHasis. ;)