Attn: Mudnamers, want blue name?

Here's the deal, I'll buy 1 blue name for the mudnamer who does what I determine to be the funniest and/or most original at the following:

You must spread the word of MMA and the upcoming UFC to a group of people who most likely aren't into MMA. This must be done in such a way that we can view your work.

Consideration will be given for the following: Originality, humor, interest generated, quality, and anything else I think of.

This was done once before on when it ruled the internet, Ron Merrill knows how great this can be. Some of the funniest were the "Dogs With Epilepsy" board and Neil Diamond board.

Anyways, do your best and good luck.

 I will match this for the #2, too :-)

Kick ass!!

Get to work!!


How 'bout I just beat somebody up?

i'm game.

hardknuckler, you must film it and try to convince the person you're beating up to watch UFC on April 19th.

OK I just posted a message here

It is a Dungeons & Dragons Forum I will see where it goes. I started out easy so not to get the tread deleted by Mods. I will get into the your mothers basement stuff tommorrow. I added a poll as well.

I'm gonna go to a Disneyland forum! Somehow I think D&D might pan out better.

Now that's the spirit. Keep it going!!


Had 16 looks no posts so I reposted on the same thread, I pulled out the parents bedroom schtik.

Scotty Thats funny the only problem I see is the largest thread has 6 posts

I saw threads with more than 6 replies, but it's still not a very popular forum. :-(

Have to find something else.

Damn, I had an idea to post it on the Alzheimer's forum...encouraging them "not to forget" to just felt wrong so I couldn't do it. lol

Spoke with Crooklyn, she will put in for a 3rd blue name.

1st, 2nd and 3rd will all receive a blue name.

Kirik, Crooklyn and I may just take our money and buy a jaccuzie suite if you dirty dicks don't do your job!! :)

A little less damning I suppose.

I posted it on the underground