ATTN: Muhsin


Sorry to hear that Chris Champane screwed you over, I also sent you an e-mail around the same time Chris moved in with you guys and i too was intrested in the gym as a live in. (I don't know if you remember me) and i'am still intrested and willing to pay upfront.
Please e-mail me and i will give you more details

Vincen Salvador


I would have posted this on your thread. But it wont let me :)


Any info would be good :) im leaving for Colorado Springs in 3 hours.. if i don't respond here i will through e-mail..

please consider if not a firm NO would be nice ;)



ttt for Vincen




You know if FFA has a live in program?

damn i need to find somewhere in the east coast. ASAP


nova1: unfortunately FFA does not have a live in program. You can find fairly cheap efficiancies though.

Wish that there was a live in program here in Florida, but none come to mind bro. Sorry Vincen. But if you ever do make it to Florida again, hit me up and you can give me a beat down.

Hey guys I know Vince personally and have trained with him a lot. He'll give you all he has and has always been an up front guy. If he isnt then Ill bust him up when he gets back here and send you guys the video haha.

And if you guys do take him jsut kick his ass from day one LOL.

Purebred Shooto Gym Guam



howzit?? Mike aint kidding he has busted me up on many hope everything is going good on GUAM i see the boys are still wrecking shop! you have e-mail? hit me up i'll update you on my progress


I guess no response..

I sent you an email bro. If you didn't get it you can email me at


Got it, i will call you asap.