Hello mr munduruca,

Ive been told you were related with, ive been waiting for 2 months for my order to be shipped ,after several emails and phone calls i got no answers, could you plse contact me at

thanx in advance.

ttt for Mrs Munduruca!

TTT.... my brother is encoutering the same problems , what is up with

Go to the BJJ forum they are posting there alot trying to solve the Gameness riddle.

I don't know about everywhere, but in Canada, Revenue & Customs is cracking down. Quebec and some other provinces have asked that Revenue Canada collect PST on their behalf as well as GST, which means more packages are being stopped and inspected (and it means more are being charged when delivered for GST, PST, Brokerage, and GST & PST on the Brokerage).

With MMAGear, if its not delays in shipping (they may simply not have sent it yet), then its possible it was caught at the border.

MMA gear is just too popular right now.

Rumor is that things are going to get better with them soon.