Attn: Musashi

Do you ever go to the Sacramento Jazz festival?

My dad is the retired Post Master of Sacto and he gets "all inclusive passes"

Would be cool to organize a northern Cali Ug/Og meeting there. Of course I won't share my Pass, But, Should still be fun.

I could also be interested in such a thing. ;)


When does it happen?

May 28-31

Guess we will only see people with balls show up, Opps sorry Musashi, I mean people who really wanna go.

If you guys want to split the airfare I'll tag along.


Damn i just got a graduation invitation from a kid i raised in Austin for that weekend. Theres no possible way ill make it.

lol Musashi Im bumbed i ain't gonna see it this year. Im really bumbed i wont see Mick Martin this year he is my favorite at that venue every year.